Directed by: Jamal Hodge

Written by: Eric Lockley

When a boy’s sense of magic is tarnished by an encounter with bullies at a pool, only one brave act can remind him that the magic's been inside him all along.



As a child Eric believed that the water was magical. In the water there was nothing he couldn’t do. But a life-changing encounter with bullies at a pool plants seeds of self-doubt. Still haunted by the experience as an adult, Eric decides that the only way to take back control over his life is to get back into the water. If he can face his fears 30-feet above the water, then he'll rediscover his magic--and realize he's had the power to conquer his fears all along.

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The Jump is a great tool for inspiring people of all types to discover self-empowerment and to face their fears. We've brought the film to a number of educators, students and community centers, and we'd love to come to you next!


Take a look behind the scenes!

The Jump Team

Eric Lockley
ERIC LOCKLEY is a Harlem-based writer, actor and producer. As a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a double Major in Africana studies, Eric is most passionate about creating and supporting work that explores the complexity of identity through the lens of the often under-represented.
Jamal Hodge
Emerging from New York's inner-city and a childhood spotted with poverty and homelessness, in 1999 Jamal Hodge burst onto the independent film scene with his first film, ‘An African-American in Russia’. This exploratory documentary earned numerous awards, introducing Hodge to the film circuit as a daring and insightful artist.

The Jump Cast

The Jump features up-and-coming child-actors whose talent and energy light up the screen alongside acting vets whose credits include Law & Order, The Following and commercials for Verizon Fios and Time Warner Cable.

Matthew Jenkins
Eric Lockley
Bianca LaVerne Jones
Benton Greene
Bryan Bencivenga
Kobi Frumer


"Courage is A Verb"

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